Premiere November 8, 2014

Bewerk project

NTGent and director Julie Van den Berghe focus on Elektra by Sofokles, one of the oldest and most famous titles in world literature. The text was edited by Bernard Dewulf. The music I composed for this theaterplay was played live by a horn trio I selected, consisting of Jan Alfredo Van Moer (trumpet and bugle), Gregory Van Seghbroeck (sousaphone, euphonium, trombone & bass tuba) and myself (baritone saxophone).

Press: "An excellent horn trio obstructs this Elektra at all levels. It happily marches through scenes and acts, it breaks through the fourth wall, it sometimes works illustratively (the trumpet predicts the arrival of the fatal wind), then again it strikes against the emotion (the almost annoying luster of Agamemnon's 'happy homecoming'). The basic tone of the music is the dissonance. wanting to disturb, a bit like a surly child who interrupts the rational discourse of his parents by sticking his fingers in his ears and singing loudly 'la la la'. The presence of the musicians is sometimes functional but more often pleasantly alienating. This is the (chamber) orchestra of the Titanic, which imperturbably continues to show us how absurd the perpetual repetition of murder and blood is. And the band played on." (e-tcetera.be)