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My name is Kwinten Mordijck (° 1988) and I'm a composer and musician from Ghent, Belgium. I love making music that relates itself to text, image, movement, etc. I like experimenting with how music can be used in a supportive way or in a contrasting way, adding an extra meaning.

I'm mainly experienced in writing (and playing) music for theater, dance and installations. I've had the honour to work with directors and choreographers Servé Hermans, Julie Van Den Berghe, Els Roobroeck, Seppe Baeyens, Iñaki Azpillaga and Loek de Bakker at Belgian and Dutch theater or dance companies Toneelgroep Maastricht, Ultima Vez, NTGent, Het Zuidelijk Toneel, COVAR, Het Laagland and the Limburgs Museum.

Recently I also started composing music for film, animation, games, etc. Collaborations with Lise van der Gaag (animation) and Steven Heene (documentary) are some first examples.

My music varies per project:

  • electronic music vs wind instruments,
  • recorded vs live,
  • cinematic vs theatrical
  • string instruments vs guitar, bass or broken organs

I always take the time to find the right sound and atmosphere for each project. For this, experimenting with various instruments is key.

Apart from my compositional work I also make and play music with the outsider-electronics band Use Knife. I also played synthesizers and / or baritone saxophone with Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, Manngold, Hypochristmutreefuzz, Kaboom Karavan, The Golden Tieger, The Flipside Paradox, ...

Feel free to contact me for a collaboration:

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Photo by Charlotte Govaerts & Kwinten Mordijck